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Andrew Hahn, Ph.D., Professor
Heller School for Social Policy and Management
Brandeis University

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Cathy Ashmore, Executive Director
Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education
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Corporation for Educational Radio and Television
Food From the 'Hood

Food From the 'Hood, Inc. (FFTH) in South Central Los Angeles was born in the aftermath of the 1992 riots.  Wanting to help rebuild their community, students from Crenshaw High transformed an abandoned lot behind the football field into a two-acre fruit and vegetable garden.

They donate 25% of what they grow to people who really need it and the rest they sell for profit.  As the organization grew, the students developed three varieties of bottled salad dressings, which are sold in 2,000 stores nationwide and on—Creamy Italian, No Fat Honey Mustard and All-Natural Ranch. 

Fifty percent of the profits go back into the organization to keep it running and fifty percent is awarded through scholarships to student managers upon high school graduation.  To date, over $250,000 in scholarships have been generated.

Food From the 'Hood

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